A team and network of ‘business builders’

About PEP

‘The key to a successful business is having an ‘authentic purpose’.  At PEP, ours is to maximize value for every stakeholder we touch.’

We’re specialists at turning small businesses into category leaders.

We started PerformanceEdge in 2009 to serve a community of small business leaders who lacked the requisite resources, capital and leadership experience to move their businesses from a great idea to a breakout success.  Make no mistake about it.  It’s not talent, desire or enough opportunities that are holding them back … it’s the people, strategy, execution and financing structure that is required for growth that is the barrier.

We’ve developed a simple formula for success that is based on the simple premise that your breakthrough is based entirely on your ability to increase the relevance of what you do to the market you serve in conjunction with your ability to rally your team to create a performance ‘edge’.   

The ‘Edge’ in PerformanceEdge comes from identifying the
breakthroughs in your product and business model that build
a high-energy, high-impact company.

The Performance ‘Edge’ 

We have a model that works…four steps to keep your organization aligned to the vision, product, strategy, daily activities and financial goals you desire to build your breakout. Your ‘edge’ comes from. 

  • Tuned In Strategies – building a business that resonates in the market because it solves high-impact problems.
  • Market Driven Proucts – that position you at the forefront of your target buyer’s purchase list,  building a sustainable value proposition.
  • Frictionless Business Model – processes that streamline and optimize all the key aspects of how your business interacts with the market.
  • High Performance Culture – that recruits, hires, trains, motivates and manages a team to maximize value.

Your edge will not come overnight.   There are no switches to turn that transform you that fast.  But building a business with the right foundation of high relevance and scalability is within most we see. It requires the right perspective and culture to pull off.  One that values being valuable. And a group of people who care about their stakeholders.

The rest is what we do best... turn the foundation you bring into long-term value for everyone involved.

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