The Role of a CEO

One of the things that is most surprising to us as we work with SMB owners and leaders is how few really get what the role of a CEO is all about.

The journey is often a typical one. You started a business because you could. Or because you had an idea that just wouldn’t go away. Or maybe it really was a burning passion and an ‘authentic purpose’. The business got off the ground through you own personal sheer force of will. Maybe it stays there today because of that same drive.


Find Your Authentic Purpose

Part of rebuilding your business requires a realization that ‘what was good enough to get you here isn’t going to be good enough to keep you in business going forward’.

If you are like most SMB owners, this reality hits like a ton of bricks. It probably feels to you as if the only path forward is a reinvention of who you are and what you do from the ground up. A little bit like changing engine parts on the plane while it’s flying!


Am I the right person for this job?

What’s your ‘sweet spot’ as an individual performer?

Of all the struggles we have in our lives and our careers, one of the biggest is settling on a role that marries what we do best with what the company we work for values most out of us.

Given the financial pressures, inequities in compensation and pride/ego we associate with our own performance and positions, nearly all of us at some point choose to try to ‘climb the ladder’. That is, get as big a role as you can with the most prestige, money, authority and yes, compensation and then try to milk it for as long as you can.


What are you the ‘best in the world’ at?

You’ll never be in the ‘sweet spot’ if you chase significance through your competitors.

I’ve been doing lots of consulting work lately with companies on the brink. Businesses that had established enough value to get off the ground but never really hit it big. They ask a simple question of us … ‘how can we make as much money in this market as some of the people you write about in your books did?’ We usually tell them some version of the following.


Simple is Smart

Why is it that so many businesses avoid the single biggest strategy that will allow them to find their sweet spot?

Three years ago, I wrote an e-book with my colleagues at Pragmatic Marketing called The Secrets of Tuned In Leaders.  It outlined the seven positive character traits of leaders of winning businesses.  Secret number 3 was ‘Simple is Smart’.  Here’s a quick excerpt.


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