Some Things I Think

What are you the ‘best in the world’ at?

You’ll never be in the ‘sweet spot’ if you chase significance through your competitors.

I’ve been doing lots of consulting work lately with companies on the brink. Businesses that had established enough value to get off the ground but never really hit it big. They ask a simple question of us … ‘how can we make as much money in this market as some of the people you write about in your books did?’ We usually tell them some version of the following.


Simple is Smart

Why is it that so many businesses avoid the single biggest strategy that will allow them to find their sweet spot?

Three years ago, I wrote an e-book with my colleagues at Pragmatic Marketing called The Secrets of Tuned In Leaders.  It outlined the seven positive character traits of leaders of winning businesses.  Secret number 3 was ‘Simple is Smart’.  Here’s a quick excerpt.