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The Role of a CEO

One of the things that is most surprising to us as we work with SMB owners and leaders is how few really get what the role of a CEO is all about.

The journey is often a typical one. You started a business because you could. Or because you had an idea that just wouldn’t go away. Or maybe it really was a burning passion and an ‘authentic purpose’. The business got off the ground through you own personal sheer force of will. Maybe it stays there today because of that same drive.


Find Your Authentic Purpose

Part of rebuilding your business requires a realization that ‘what was good enough to get you here isn’t going to be good enough to keep you in business going forward’.

If you are like most SMB owners, this reality hits like a ton of bricks. It probably feels to you as if the only path forward is a reinvention of who you are and what you do from the ground up. A little bit like changing engine parts on the plane while it’s flying!


Dealing with Uncertainty

When we look into the eyes of small business leaders today we see a ‘deer in the headlights’ look. A look that embraces the full gambit of emotions that goes with having no idea what is coming next but a sinking feeling that it can’t be good.

Without a doubt, the degree of difficulty in making decisions has gone up. Gone is the time when a healthy economy that tolerated the kinds of experiments and risk taking that enabled a plentiful amount of sales in almost every market. In its place is a new era of conservatism and cost savings that place many more limits around the amount of business being transacted?


Brick by Brick

One of the biggest mistakes business owners can make in this economy is to try to sell your way out of a bad financial position doing the same thing today that you’ve done for the last several years.

The very best companies we know are not only dealing with the reality of the current climate and its related effects on their business by systematically building a new foundation to survive and weather the storm. Last month we talked about the mentality of what they are going through with their reset process. This month, we’ll focus on the approach.


The Two-Dimensional Leader Disease

From Art Petty’s Management Excellence Blog

Ah, the life of a leader runs on worry. You’ve moved beyond worrying about your own job to focusing on seizing more power during this opportunity called a recession. You’ve been shedding workers at a record pace to keep the bean-counters happy with your expense ratios and now, you’re concerned about how you are going to step on and over your colleagues for that next promotion. You know, it’s the one that’s opening up because you’ve done everything possible to tank your manager’s image without getting caught. Now, the real worry is how your shrinking and disgruntled team can be driven harder to make you look good in time for year-end performance evaluations. Read the rest of the story.