Build a Solid Foundation

In an uncertain world, one of the things to avoid is looking for a quick fix or a quick boost. They are not there. Checkout some of these recent posts for some great insight on ‘sustainable’ changes you can embrace.


Connecting to Buyers

A cornerstone brick in your foundation is connecting to your buyers. So much has changed in the last decade about the buying environment that you are almost better off building a completely fresh perspective of the selling cycle. The experts we’ve talked to identify some new ways of thinking:

  • Consumer Decision Journey by McKinsey. The folks at McKinsey have looked deeply into the new ways that buyers make decisions and how marketers should align to serve them.
  • Social Media Value by Christine Li. Charlene Li (author of Groundswell) has done a wonderful job correlating the leverage that social media marketing provides to improving growth and profitability.
  • Broken Windows by John Moore. John Moore reminds us that it’s the little things that customers notice that make a difference. Are you taking care of your broken windows?

Get out in front of these shifts and you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors. The environment is as tough as it’s ever been. Knowledge of the customer is your most strategic weapon.

Leadership During Transformations

In today’s business environment, companies cannot settle for incremental improvement; they must periodically undergo performance transformations to get, and stay, on top. But in the volumes of pages on how to go about implementing a transformation, surprisingly little addresses the role of one important person. What exactly should the CEO be doing, and how different is this role from that of the executive team or the initiative’s sponsors? Read the rest of the story.

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