Are you growing?

Break the Cycle

SMB’s should be the engine of growth in the ‘New Economy’.  Are you growing?  

‘91% of businesses fail within the first four years after startup.’

How do you ‘break the cycle’ of startup failures? 

At PerformanceEdge, we’ve focused our business on breaking the cycle of small business failures.  And while, our services and capital are often the key catalysts to growth, we’ve also found that an underlying factor is much more personal.  The cycle can be broken with a simple perspective shift: 

  • It’s not about you. The companies that get off the ground have identified their ‘authentic purpose’ for being in business and know that serving the customers they do business with is their economic engine.
  • Companies that are winning are reality based. They don’t hope for outcomes, they know their charter is to earn them. Their businesses are configured to create profit in any market scenario, even a ‘black swan’.
  • Relevance is the only compass you need. Getting in business and staying in business means ensuring that your impact is high. The companies that breakthrough create value propositions that are not only unique but game changing for their buyers.
  • Your ability to execute is a throttle you own. You can’t control the market but you can control how fast you run and how many scenarios you prepare for. The best companies throttle up and down daily, weekly, and monthly based on changes they observe in the markets they serve.

Breaking the cycle is a choice. And, it starts with a simple premise. The more you rely on your own intelligence and intuition, the closer you are to the rocks. The more you rely on charting your identity, plan and strategy to align to the realities of today’s market, the closer you are to breaking the cycle. Our services focus on defining that roadmap.

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