Fund a Frictionless Business Model

Capital Investment

‘Capital investment without a plan is a license to steal and fools gold. Few entrepreneurs are successful at getting it and those that do find it most often only leads to a faster path to failure.’ 

If you've got a plan to grow your business, we can provide the access to capital to fund it. 

We understand where you are coming from. We've sat in your seat. The sweat equity and personal capital you've invested into your business is precious to you. Bringing in a new owner who provides that added runway you need seems like both a blessing and a curse. That's why we believe strongly in developing a custom funding strategy that best serves your interests and those of new stakeholders.  We offer access to funds we own ourselves and work collaboratively with a large network of VC’s and 3rd party financing options. 

Based on your plan, we can lead the fund raising effort.  

Building a Win-Win Funding Plan

Investors only want to work with the best and those that generate the highest ROI for their capital.  And to be the best, we believe you need to be able to articulate and manage to your ‘plan for growth’ that will generate value along with an investment model that stands out.   

Part of the PerformanceEdge model is to work with you to develop a PPM that resonates in the investment community.  

Successful financing plans use a reality-based approach and a strategy for growth that develops a value
accelerator … one that optimizes the fundamental people, strategy, execution and financing building blocks. 


The core of the 'edge' in PerformanceEdge is the approach we use to work with you, your team and your organization. It's a pragmatic approach that spans the reality of your current situation to a strategy for increasing value.  In the middle, we provide the right mix of service and funding customized to maximize the value of your business. We use all of our experience to create a winning plan for your business ... one that answers the fundamental questions investors care about to fund a a path to profit, grow or exit.

  • What is Reality?  Are you healthy? Is your ability to execute high or low? Is your plan based on real market feedback? Great leaders discover the real status of their business before they do anything … from profitability to growth to customer satisfaction. 
  • Are you relevant? Is a question that cuts to the core of your ability to grow. How important your business is to the buyers you hope to capture and what impact you have on their business will determine how much of the market you can (or should choose) to exploit.
  • How well do you execute?  Determines the speed at which you should plan to operate. From how fast you create new offerings to signing new customers to completing projects (inside and outside the company). As any driver knows, there is a safe speed, an appropriate speed, high speed and an out of control speed.
  • Is your management mature? The balance you have created in your organization between emphasizing daily operations vs. strategy will determine how easily your company will embrace change. From the number of scenarios you consider to the options you pursue to the adaptability of your management team ... each is a key indicator to your success. 
  • How repeatable is your business model? Do the financial and execution foundations you put in place allow you to keep going in the direction you’re headed? Success is never as fast as you’d like. The sustainability test helps you define how patient you'll need to be. And, how much funding you might require.
  • Can you quantify the value being created?  The point of exchange is the ultimate payback on your business development plans. When you’ve developed your business (or made a decision) based on a real analysis as to how well it increases your relevance, maintains the appropriate velocity, has agility built-in and can sustain itself for the long haul, you’re focused on the right things ... creating value.

The core of this process is identifying your ‘authentic purpose’, the reason your business exists and the value it creates for your customers. This purpose is the foundation of your business. Once it is in place, it becomes a filter for everything you do ... the investments you make, the customers and partners you embrace, and the solutions you offer to your market.  We'll work with to make sure your foundations for all decision making are well founded.  As a result, you'll create value for all of your stakeholders move naturally down the path of becoming a company that is easy to do business with.

PEP Funds

PEP also offers you access to capital through its own funds.  These funds include capital from the founders and like-minded independent investors who want to develop great ideas for small businesses in to big businesses.  Our funds are all ‘single company’ funds that focus on raising capital for growth initiatives. 

We currently have two funds active:  

  • PEP Fund 1 … dedicated to invest in StoredIQ, a Big Data company that focuses an understanding and managing petabytes of unstructured data for large enterprises. StoredIQ was recently acquired by IBM.
  • PEP Fund 2 … dedicated to invest in BlueCava, a Big Data Marketing Analytics company with technologies that recognize patterns across millions of mobile devices to optimize digital marketing spend. 

Launched in 2009, PEP Fund 1 has returned 215% to shareholders and we anticipate closing the fund by mid-2014.  PEP Fund 2 has raised its initial round of funds and invested in July, 2013.  We are also active in fund raising for PEP Funds 3-5 for investments in business development initiatives with technology businesses that are leveraging Big Data to enable breakthroughs for specific user communities.

Companies that fit our investment filter are now being prospected.  PEP anticipates always having 3-4 funds open to work with four companies. 

Learn more about our How to Maximize Value in your next financing round.