Grow a High-Performance Culture

Coaching Services

‘Get busy growing.  Or get busy dying.’ – with apologies to Andy Dufresne.

We don’t go away after the big event.  Our coaching services walk the path with you. 

Great businesses seem to operate effortlessly. That’s no doubt because they know how to focus on the things that matter most. Far too many small businesses suffer from the opposite, the built-in tension that exists because they operate based entirely around an owner or one key stakeholder ‘driving the business’. The sooner you transition from startup management to growth company management and move working ‘in the business’ to ‘on the business’, the faster you’ll see your ‘edge’ develop. 

PerformanceEdge will work with you to make this transition seamless. We'll get your team focused on the four foundations of a great business:

Sustaining the Edge:  Build your Pyramid of Success, the why, how and what that will drive your growth plan.



Pyramid of Successes:  Every great organization operates with a common understanding about their ‘why’ and ‘how’:  

“Results aren’t the criteria for success … it’s the effort made for achievement that is most important.” – John Wooden

Your vision coupled with a business model that defines your mission, keys to success, values an goals creates the environment for building high-energy and high-impact teams.  





At PerformanceEdge, all of our customers build and manage their organizations using these Pyramid of Success principles to build a high-performance culture, one where everyone is fully connected to:   

  • An authentic purpose about why you are in business.
  • A distinctive capability with long-term relevance and high market impact.
  • A business model with the vital factors required for success clearly identified and manageable. 
  • A set of values where expectations are clearly understand.  
  • A set of goals that keeps everyone accountable and focused on moving forward.   

Our coaching services (or advisory services if you prefer) will help you knock down the barriers that are holding your business back. We'll make you 'easier to work for' and your company 'easier to do business with'. 

If you want to create a great business, the transition is as simple as making these two commitments. Our focus is to get you there without the pain of thrashing through a transition. Creating a business model that optimizes your people, strategy, execution and financing is where we start

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