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‘Organizations that are ‘tuned in’ grow twice as fast as their competitors, are 31% more profitable, have 10-20% higher customer & employee satisfaction levels and are valued at the high-end of the industry valuation ranges.’

PerformanceEdge creates business breakthroughs by getting you ‘tuned in’ to your growth strategy.

The ‘edge’ in PerformanceEdge is building a business that resonates.  We’re the experts in finding better ways for your business to connect to what matters most …. buyers who want to buy your products, people who can help your business grow, plans that can establish leaderships positions for your company.  The kinds of attributes any business leader would want but often find elusive. 

The process for getting there is closer than you think. All it requires is for you to create your ‘resonator’. 






Res * o * na * tor:  
In ‘Tuned In: Uncover the Extraordinary Opportunities that Lead to Business Breakthroughs’, we defined a resonator as:

A product or service that so perfectly solves a market problem that customers feel compelled to buy it.

Tuned In businesses develop and launch market resonators routinely because they have built a market-driven culture that makes identifying them and connecting them with buyers who want to buy easy.   

Product and service sensations like the iPhone, Starbucks or FedEx weren't created by luck, creativity or clever marketing.  They all connected to a process like 'tuned in' to gain their edge.  



Resonator's are created by companies that generally follow the six-step process we wrote about in Tuned In:   

1. Find an unresolved problem in the market and build your focus around it. 

2. Identify the most likely buyers for your offering and understand their needs completely.

3. Refine and test your solutions to be certain that provide a quantifiable positive impact.

4. Create a full life cycle experience for your customers that turns them into passionate advocates.

5. Build a position around the value of doing business with and articulate in all of your marketing. 

6. Establish channels of communication and distribution that your target buyers can trust. 

At PerformanceEdge, we’re focused on the disciplines inherent in this process and experts at helping you find your resonator. 

Our organization is built around the principles that building and owning an ‘edge’ means your business must be able to clearly articulate a value proposition to the market that is highly relevant and sustainable.  One that connects all of your people, strategies, execution processes and financial objectives for growth.  It’s a process we’ve mastered and we’d welcome the opportunity to share it with your organization.      

Learn more about our 30 Day Fast Path consult to getting tuned in.  

* Tuned In is a registered trademark of Pragmatic Marketing, Inc.    

Phil Myers, PerformanceEdge Partner, is a co-author of Tuned In.