A Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks

From the Founder

I’ve always said I’d rather be lucky than good. 

I can’t complain about the experiences that led to starting PerformanceEdge in 2009.  I’ve had more than my share of blessings to get to this point.  Started in 1980 when a graduate school professor encouraged me to ‘check out this software thing’ and led through a series of relationships with people and companies that quite literally changed the way we work today.  From how we use the PC, build collaborative businesses, sell faster, leverage the plethora of internet services to what we now do with Big Data.  

Throughout all of this, we’ve participated and watched as business breakouts emerged from small startup ventures.  We love the growth phase of turning small businesses in to big businesses.  And hate the fact that most fail to cross that chasm.  Breaking the cycle of the 91% failure rate is our mission at PEP and anything we can do to help connect you to the next big thing would be a genuine pleasure to be involved in. 

Our focus right now is on Big Data. Based on over 30 years of experience in tech, it has all the earmarks of the next major ‘paradigm shift’.  Like the PC and Internet only maybe even bigger because the repositories are so massive and filled with gold.  

Paradigm Shift:  A fundamental transformation in the way people and business work and the way technology solutions are provided.

The growth in value and impact of each major technology shift has produced 100's of breakout businesses. 


These shifts are in many ways a natural evolution of computing power to business requirements for new models of productivity:   

  • Centralized – in the 80’s, big datacenters owned all the software, and few in the organization could access the tools.
  • Distributed – in the 90’s, the proliferation of PC’s made it easier to distribute software that improved personal productivity of staffs. 
  • Collaborative – the year 2000 ushered in the Internet era where software was accessible as a service & businesses grew thru partners.
  • Data-driven – 2010-2020 will be known as the era of Big Data, where decisions are driven by analytics more than a hunch.  

At PEP, our focus is to find, align, fund and grow the next generation of winning technology companies in the Big Data space.  Our mission is to get all businesses ‘tuned in’ but our focus right now is on the next wave of breakouts in tech.  

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