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‘91% of small business start-ups fail to meet their business objectives and go out of business… only the strong survive’ 

Is your business suffering from a ‘failure to breakthrough’?  PerformanceEdge can be your catalyst for a finding the fast path forward.

Maybe you’ve built a successful product but now sales have slowed? Or, you are just ready to launch a new initiative or line of business?  Or your market has begun to take-off and you want to take advantage of it.  You know it’s time to grow.  The question is … are you ready?

At PerformanceEdge Partners, we've built our careers to focus on mastering the disciplines it takes to grow winning businesses. We love building teams with great ideas into companies that dominate their markets. With more than 30 years of experience across all functional areas and multiple segments of the technology industry, we have a wide range of experiences you can benefit from.

Great Performance = Potential - Interference. Turning your startup into a breakthrough business requires a shift
from building and selling to
 growing people, strategy, execution and financing to scale.


The key to creating a breakthrough business is quite simply to focus on getting ‘friction’ out of the system. 

Too often what gets in the way of your breakout is the inability to fully tap in to the ‘potential’ of where your business can go because you and the team are too busy building the next thing you think the market wants and selling to anyone who will listen.  Pretty soon, your days are consumed with ‘interference’ that hold you back.  At the core of that interference is the absence of a growth plan that organizes your people, strategy, execution and financing to building a breakout.  

What we Do

PerformanceEdge is a business development firm with a successful track record of creating positive outcomes for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) in the technology industry. We provide the consulting, capital and coaching services you need to transform your business from 'one of the pack' to a market leader.  Our services provide the catalyst to successfully align, fund and grow your performance ‘edge’.  It’s an edge that includes:

  • An authentic purpose that creates a focus and competitive advantage. 
  • A strategy that increases your relevance in today’s marketplace. 
  • A business model that is frictionless and creates sustainable value.
  • A high-performance leadership culture that all of your stakeholders can rally around.    

We'd welcome the opportunity to work with you to uncover a faster path to profitability, growth or successful exit for your business. Our objective in working with you is singular.    

Maximizing the value of our customer's business is our ONLY priority.

Talk to a PEP Partner about your business and how we can help.