The Performance ‘Edge’ includes a network of partners that specialize in providing services and capital that complement our core offering. Our service partners add product management, marketing, business development and people, marketing and data ‘scientists’ … the experts who deliver complementary services in support of the PeformanceEdge framework. And, our capital partners add support for seed, growth and private equity financing along with investment banking services. All of our partners work in alignment with our managing partners who lead each customer engagement.

Our PEP Partner network currently includes:

20/20 Outlook – 20/20 Outlook translates CEO visions into strategies that drive exceptional results. They are the pioneers of an innovative three-step process to deliver bullet-proof positioning, a valuation framework for decision-making, and partnerships that level relationships to accelerate growth. 20/20 worked with PEP at StoredIQ.
Clutch Creative – a digital marketing automation firm that specializes in the development of premier online multi-media, social presence for SMB’s.  PEP has worked with Clutch at both StoredIQ and its own business.
Croghan Investments – a seed round investment firm that has invested in both PEP Fund 1 and PEP Fund 2.  Croghan aggregates capital from a variety of private sources.
Firehost – provides secure cloud hosting for small and medium sized businesses.  PEP runs its business on Firehost and has several clients connected to their data center hubs.
Spurrier Partners – an investment banking firm that specializes in M&A transaction management with medium to large-cap buyers.  Spurrier worked with PEP to successfully sell StoredIQ to IBM.
S3 Ventures – a growth investor with the five funds focused on tech start-ups in the Southwest and medical devices in TX.  S3 was the lead in StoredIQ and we are working collaboratively on investments in new ventures thru PEP Fund 2.
The Stephens Group – is a multi-billion PE firm focused on developing large businesses through the purchase and development of cornerstone assets. PEP worked with TSG on Firehost and StoredIQ and is now working to identify new opportunities to collaboratively align, fund and grow cornerstone businesses.

Our service partners are all best-in-class and teams we have worked with before. Our capital partners include high net worth investors, funds, and private equity firms that provide access to capital anywhere from $1-2m seed rounds, $5-10m growth rounds and $25m+ rounds to recapitalize or buyout an operating entity. All of our partners are fully contracted and certified by PEP.

To learn more about PEP Partners, contact us.