Proven track record and leadership model

Why Choose Us?

‘Picking a partner for growth is a bet your business decision. Make sure the alignment includes not only comfort in the relationship but a proven ability to create the result you desire.’

We’re a partner you can trust. We’ve been there, done that multiple times before and can offer all the experience and network of resources that has created success for our customers in the past. It's a proven track record that includes:

  • Building four sub-$5m businesses into $100m market leaders. 
  • Taking three companies public on the Nasdaq. 
  • Selling five businesses at strategic multiples.
  • Raising new financing rounds in the tens of millions for businesses in six different industries. 

Beyond operational experience, we’re also experts at the discipline of company building. We’ve done our research, interviewing more than 200 small business leaders to find the secrets of success and consulted or coached dozens of others.  We know what it takes to breakout. 

PerformanceEdge customers build business that grow faster, maximize profits, benefit from high
customer & employee satisfaction levels, and, sell for high multiples.


The PEP model of engagement is a very pragmatic, disciplined approach to building a great business and creating a great outcome. 

Our approach is what distinguishes us. 

We don’t believe in 'one phase commits', the traditional strategic planning or venture capital model that maximizes the leverage of investment capital for a big launch. Since it's been proven to fail more often than not, we think it is far too big a risk to take in todays conservative buying environment. We also don’t believe in separating investment capital from the intellectual capital required to build the best plan for growth. That's why our funds and funding strategies are intrinsically linked to our consulting and coaching services. We want to ‘work’ as a partner in every one of our client's businesses.  

When we engage with you, we'll focus on are the areas where you can get maximum payback, both today and for the long-term. We use a ‘micro-burst’ gameplan that will find new formulas for you to improve the trajectory of your business. Projects like:

  • Uncovering faster paths to profitability.
  • Refining a strategic growth option.
  • Optimizing sales velocity.
  • Increasing management agility.
  • Extending the runway of your funding. 
  • Creating a balanced exit plan.  

We work with our clients and companies we own to develop incremental, well-managed and well-founded business development plans. It’s an approach that reduces risk for you and maximizes returns for all of your stakeholders.

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