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Creating your performance ‘edge’ is all we do

Performance Edge Partners (PEP) is a group of former CEO’s who are now authors, speakers, coaches and advisory leaders that empower today’s CEO’s and their leadership teams to create more value.


We believe that every business deserves to be led by CEO’s who have the courage, conviction and confidence to increase value everyday. For all their stakeholders. It’s a passion that keeps us actively engaged with you as you align for growth.

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Listen to his interview with the former Starbucks President HERE!

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About Performance Edge Partners


We have been there and seen it hundreds of times. The story is almost always the same.


It starts off with a great idea. An idea so powerful and unique that it quite literally attracts a crowd of people who get it. The initial launch is a success and soon, professionals are seeking you out to work for your company and fund its growth. The future is bright and you see another Google in the making.


So you take in the new financing. Hire the people. Start advertising your product. Move into a nice office. Get out over your ski’s a bit professionally and personally. Expectations are high. 


Then the inevitable happens. Performance challenges begin to surface. It seems harder to grow sales. Early customers don’t renew as easily. Employees start to express discontent. Your investors begin to ask questions … very tough questions.


The track record of scaleups is discouraging. 9 out of 10 startups fail, and 7 out of 10 scaleups fail to reach their planned potential. We know. We’ve seen more than our share and been in a few ourselves. What we’ve learned is that it doesn’t have to be that way.


At PEP, we’ve spent our careers mastering the technique to building business breakthroughs. We’ve led dozens of them ourselves as leaders and now touched 100’s more as authors, coaches and consultants. We’ve developed best practices that enable you to ‘cross the chasm’ with ease. Recognize the adjustments you need to make in advance to your culture, product and execution systems.


It's the type of discipline you need to keep your business on the path to increasing value. Growing faster. Acquiring new customers. Building your tribe. Increasing margins. Which leads to happy investors that continue to back your company.


We’ve documented our beliefs in two best-selling books and put them into action with our performance acceleration system and coaching services. We want you to win. Our only purpose is to be your guide on the journey to success. 

Who We Are

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