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Great Performance = Potential - Interference

The Performance Accelerators







Scaleups typically encounter interference in one of two areas … your product to market fit or your team to execution alignment.


Our Performance Acceleration System is designed to breakdown these barriers to great performance. The principles for alignment are simple … get tuned in and then center on your most important number and align all execution to achieve it. It’s a value creation framework that is proven to win.

Don’t get it twisted!


The #1 job of a CEO is to increase the value of their business.”

Launch a Resonator
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Getting your product to market fit optimized is job #1 to increasing value.


Customers don’t talk about what you do, they either evangelize about why you are unique or don't talk about you at all. If you want to get more business, start by giving them a ‘resonator’, a product or service that so perfectly solves their problem they feel compelled to talk about it and share with others.


Our Tuned In Framework gives you the roadmap to launching a resonator.


  • It starts with finding an unresolved problem in the market, a need that customers have that is urgent, pervasive and they are will to pay money to solve.

  • A deep understanding of the specific persona’s follows along with an in-depth analysis that ensures that solving the problem will increase value.

  • The core of a resonator is identifying how to create an experience that your customers will love, through the product and the way you deliver and service them.

  • The last two steps address the way you go-to-market, from messaging to the channels and style of engagement.


If you align to these six steps, you will produce the result any business is looking for, a product or service so compelling that prospects buy and refer it willingly.

Alignment – CEO/Leaders Performance Workshops

*MIN = Most Important Number

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Getting aligned to the system and growing in experience on how to ‘execute to win’ is best done with your peers.  Our CEO roundtables provide a great setting for you to chart your progress, identify obstacles and learn/consult with others in your seat who understand and can help you grow. Bringing these sessions inhouse to align your leadership team make them that much more impactful. 

Execute to Win

Once you have a product that resonates, the challenge of building a team that executes flawlessly comes squarely into focus.

Employees don’t want to be told what to do, they want to be inspired by ‘why’ they do it. If you want to raise the Collaborative IQ of your business, start by building a solid foundation of your vision, mission, purpose and core values. This is a company’s ‘north star’, one that connects you to your direct and extended teams. 

Making your ‘north star’ an intentional part of your culture that drivers performance requires a clarity of execution around ‘what matters most’. And what matters most is ‘your most important number’ (the MIN) that increases value. Once that is defined, our Execute to Win system drives:


  • Strategies that connect your team to improving performance with each and every action they take by focusing on their personal, team and company goal.

  • The way you structure your organization to optimize the achievement of these targets.

  • A culture that becomes not a abstract set of statements but a living, breathing component of how your business wins, rallying teams to outperform.

  • The development of your people from staff to managers to executive leaders is implemented and operates with clarity, with clear paths for improvement.


The Execute to Win model ensures that your organization will always be connected to the goals you have for the business, with a passion for improving performance daily.

Acceleration – Performance Improvement Coaching 
Ongoing Value Creation
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From a Tuned In foundation to a business that executes to win everyday, your focus can now turn completely to the primary role of a CEO … increasing value.

Business Development requires a solid foundation and an incremental approach to building on it. As you understand your market and the opportunities for growth more deeply, you will now be able to rely on your team’s ability to absorb a change and adapt to seamlessly to it to grow.


A keen focus on Business Development simply expands on the core:


  • Identifying new problems to solve where you can tune in a new product or service that your customers will willingly accept from you.


  • Aligning your team around a strategy to launch a new resonator through an organization structure that optimizes its go-to-market.


  • Ensuring that your team stays aligned to your core while embracing this new opportunity as part of the plan for achieving its most important number.


  • Training and grooming key leaders and teams to achieve the mission.


Our Performance Acceleration System is and will always be a ‘continuous configuration’ process, evolving your product, market and execution to take full advantage of the market opportunities you have.

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